An 80m problem that doesn’t exist for West Ham

An 80m problem that doesn’t exist for West Ham

David Moyes has come out today and claimed today that he will be doing ‘an Allardyce’ and not prioritizing the FA Cup as Premier League safety is his main concern for the 2017/18 campaign as Sam has done so famously at Bolton Wanderers, Crystal Palace, West Ham, Newcastle, Sunderland and now at Everton.

This leaves a sour taste in my mouth and one that underlines what a negative football manager we have at the helm.

It says a lot about the man that he doesn’t feel he can orchestrate at least 6 more wins within the Premier League until the end of the season, whilst daring to undertake a cup run alongside it.

To say it is frustrating is something of an understatement and we should be concerned about giving this man any big budgets in January if he is going to persist with this safety first tactic.

We are not in trouble, as a football club and safety will be achieved at a canter, therefore why jeopardise our chances of a decent cup run? I know that guaranteeing survival in the Premier League generates nearly £80m in annual revenue, but can anyone honestly say this team isn’t good enough to survive?

This is half the problem we are facing is that we want to be a big club, but don’t act like one with the appointment of Moyes being a prime example of this. If staying in the Premier League is all we ever wanted we could have achieved that simply staying at Upton Park.

I think it is a crying shame that our manager is sacrificing the competition and hopefully his reign is over at the end of the season and we can put someone in charge whose glass isn’t always going to be half empty and has ambitions more than simply staying in the Premier League.

Sullivan and Gold suggested that the new stadium was going to see our fortunes change and we were going to challenge for honours – well the two David’s there is no chance with a manager who feels he needs to focus on getting a squad to win 6 matches that will ultimately guarantee Premier League safety based on previous years.