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Why West Ham Won’t Continue With David Moyes Next Season

As far as good managerial appointments go, David Moyes to West Ham was not seen as one of the best, not by the supporters anyway.

He had a recent history of abysmal failure albeit while showing a flair for timing which was second to none.

He managed to jump the Real Sociedad ship just before it sank and did the same at Sunderland but fans of both clubs believe he did little or nothing during his time there in order to ensure their top flight survival.

So how did he get the job at West Ham United? What qualifications did the totally unqualified triumvirate of Sullivan, Gold and Brady think Moyes possessed to give him a job at a “wannabe big” club like West Ham?

Well, he had managed to keep Everton in the Premier League for the duration of his eleven years there and it was this record which the West Ham board preferred to take into account rather than his more recent one.

The fact, however, that they were only prepared to give Moyes a six months contract did not auger well for his long-term future and he was probably advised not to buy a house in London!

The former Manchester United manager was brought in to do a job – short term. It looks as though he will accomplish what he was brought in to do – short term.

In replacing Slaven Bilic when the season was already well underway he was always going to be a stop-gap and the board were always going to look for a “bigger name” providing they stayed up.

The ambition at West Ham is now well known. Having moved into a 60,000 seater stadium and even managed to fill it on a couple of occasions, they need to push on and be competing regularly in the top half of the Premier League.

Moyes, in fairness, has probably done enough to deserve a chance next season but, in the real world, it isn’t going to happen.

Narrowly avoiding relegation isn’t what the fans or the board want and strange decisions, which for Moyes aren’t actually that strange, such as putting Javier Hernandez up for sale then, because of injuries, having to select him and watch him score goals, have plagued the Glaswegian in recent years.

He is the right man for West Ham at this moment in time and his six months in charge will be deemed a success if the club are still in the Premier League next season.

His situation is, in fact, very similar to that at one of his old clubs, Everton, who have brought in Sam Allardyce against the wishes of many. That will be another interesting one at the end of the season.

As for David Moyes, if he is still in the Premier League next season then it won’t be with West Ham United.