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Why Sullivan and Gold cannot entertain this transfer deal

Why Sullivan and Gold cannot entertain this transfer deal

With news emerging that Philippe Coutinho is likely to be granted his January wish and a move to Barcelona, rumours are circulating that Manuel Lanzini remains Liverpool’s no.1 transfer target to replace the departing Brazilian.

Sullivan and Gold need to remain firm and rebuff all transfer approaches – as we need to strengthen and not weaken this January window.

David Moyes has done a fine job since he replaced Slaven and brought some stability to the team and got them looking solid once again.

The January window should offer the Scot the perfect opportunity to bring in two or three new faces; however, the last thing he needs is the chance to rebuild with this potential backdrop of another January transfer saga at the club.

We need to assure Moyes that Lanzini will still be around until the summer at the earliest, just so we can guarantee our Premier League safety.

I do fear that a potential move to Liverpool could turn Lanzini’s head along with a rumoured interest in the player from Spurs; however, we must stay strong with the player and not allow ourselves to be forced into a Payet-like drama that dominated the last January window.

I am pretty sure that the Argentine isn’t they type of player to throw his toys out of the pram if he isn’t granted a move and as long as we handle the conversation right – unlike we did with Payet. I just hope Gold and Sullivan aren’t tempted by any big fee and see the benefit of cashing in to fund new recruits.

I guess that remains the biggest dilemma, especially as Liverpool is likely to have £100m at their disposal from this sale. I don’t know what price we would put on Lanzini’s head; however, Sullivan and Gold shouldn’t be counting on this potential revenue to give David Moyes the tools to stabilize us and bring in players to complement Lanzini, not as a replacement for him.

I really fear they will look to cash in – a decision that will not only undermine David Moyes’ efforts to improve the football club, but one that could cost us dear at the end of the season if we fall out of the Premier League.