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West Ham needs to play the waiting game

To say there is frustration amongst West Ham fans at the lack of transfer activity is something of an understatement – as I witness the daily meltdowns on twitter. Personally I cannot see the fuss and why it is riling everyone.

It appears that the work Everton have done in the transfer market to date has caused the real bone of contention here. The Toffees have certainly spent big and not hung around in getting their new signings through the door; however, I ask the question as to who else is throwing the money around at present? The reality is no other club is – so why are we being so impatient?

I heard Gold come out on the radio and suggest that the club were determined to learn their lesson from last summer’s failure in the transfer market where the Hammers were continually expressing an interest with all and sundry – unfortunately making it incredibly public largely through Sullivan. People forget that the club bought in 14 players last summer and why for the large part they all failed to make a real impact, you can’t say the club wasn’t trying.

I think it pays to be patient and identify the right players rather than just waste millions. The likes of Giroud, Walcott and Barkley are players that will undoubtedly improve us as a football club and are deals that we are more than capable of attracting to the club. Other players we can target is Michael Keane and in particular his Burnley teammate Andre Gray who like Keane only has one year left on his contract. He, like Josh King at Bournemouth, are two young hungry strikers who would be fantastic additions to the squad and exactly the type of players Bilic should bring in – rather than the £30m+ type transfers that the supporters are clamoring for on Twitter.

I think we, as fans need to take a step back and take stock from the fact that we are not the only club who has yet to make inroads into the transfer market at present. The best things comes to those who wait and I fully believe Gold and Sullivan will finally deliver this summer and buy the players that come because they want to play for the shirt and not just a big pay packet.