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Uniting at West Ham is a two-way thing

Moving to the new stadium was billed as the moment we joined the big time, the football elite and David Sullivan suggesting we would be in the Champions League within 5 years.

18months later we find ourselves closer to the Championship than the top 8 and all these grand expectations have been shot to pieces as a result. Fans have started to turn their frustrations on the owners and I for one can’t blame them.

Both David Moyes and Mark Noble have come out this week and asked supporters to get behind the club – in light of the fans protestations during Sunday’s defeat at Watford.

Moyes and Noble will be praying for a better outcome this Friday in the Premier League when the new Hammers boss gets to pit his wits against Claude Puel and his Leicester City outfit who are currently sitting in 12th in the Premier League and have been resurgent under their new boss despite a 2-0 loss to Manchester City last time out.

The truth about the fans’ protestations is that this always has to be a two way affair and our anger and frustration hasn’t simply come overnight and has been boiling up inside for a long time now.

Poor decisions in the transfer market have left us with an unbalanced squad that has hindered Bilic during his time. A lack of leadership and support of Slaven publicly from the owners allowed a bad situation manifest itself to the extent where the players hid behind the manager and let him take the rap.

In truth it is the latter that irritates the most and it will be interesting to see if there is an upturn with Moyes at the helm.

Full credit to Moyes who despite telling the fans to unite, also rightly pointed the finger at the club’s big players and feels they are not justifying their big name reputations. The likes of Noble, Reid, Carroll, Antonio and Kouyate have been abysmal this season and they have gone missing far too many times. The new signings, with the exception of Hart have been average at best and hardly an upgrade on what we already had. It is almost like they’ve been dragged down by the rest of the players and subsequently failing to live up to their potential.

I actually took exception to Mark Noble words this week and believe that if he wants us to unite as a football club then lets start seeing some commitment on the pitch. A club captain should be doing more behind the scenes to get players motivated and weed out those who are showing zero effort and disgracing the shirt on a weekly basis.

As I said it is a two-way thing and if they want to stop this anarchy, then start showing the same level of passion that we as fans do travelling around the country on a weekly basis.