Top 5 Most Overpaid Forwards In The Premier League

Premier League footballers earn a lot in terms of weekly salary and you could reasonably argue that every professional player is overpaid.

However, some are better value for money than others in terms of their contributions on the pitch.

Analysts at Ticketgum have looked at every Premier League striker’s wage and compared it to their minutes played and their number of goals and assists. They then calculated a score out of ten for every player.

Press the next page as we count down the 5 most overpaid forwards in the English top flight so far this season.

David Tully

David Tully

David has worked as a football reporter for the last fifteen years. Having started as an intern at Snack Media, he then went on to become a freelancer, working on various different sites. At the start of 2023, he took up his current role as content writer for National World's Football News Network.